Megyn Kelly Admits Her Terrible NBC Show Miiiiiiight Need Some Work

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Can you believe it’s already been half a year since the debut of Megyn Kelly Today? I mean, sure?


I’m not exactly sure what Megyn Kelly does on her show, save for a few particularly embarrassing moments, but at least I’m not alone. After six months on NBC’s morning schedule, Kelly herself has admitted to Variety that she is still trying to figure out what form the show is supposed to take and that things aren’t going as expected.

The consensus appears to be that Kelly should probably put more effort into securing the audience she assumed she would automatically bring to the table. Via Variety:

“Maybe there was some initial expectation that this was going to go through the stratosphere, but I think patience is the optimal term,” says Dave Sederbaum, senior vice president of video activation at media-buying agency Carat.


It’s almost as if the audience for an NBC daytime show would be completely different from the audience for a right-wing Fox news primetime political show. Weird! But Kelly appears to know she hasn’t done nearly enough.

“In my experience, it takes a show about a year to find its sea legs, to figure out who it is, and that’s true of me too,” says Kelly. “In morning television, it takes a while to change an audience’s viewing habits, and so I have to earn the trust of the audience, and I’m willing to work for it.”

Kelly insisted, though, that, she got one thing exactly right: her ridiculous and overblown feud with Jane Fonda, which saw Kelly dedicate an extremely petty, and Fox-worthy rant to Fonda. (Fonda made fun of Kelly for awkwardly asking a very personal and unrelated question about cosmetic surgery when she appeared on Kelly’s show.)

“She attacked me repeatedly when we launched the show and I let it go, over and over. And then she renewed it in very personal terms. It became clear to me she was trading on it,” says Kelly.”I am trying to model for my children – all three of them, but especially my daughter. Being a lady doesn’t always mean ignoring attacks. Sometimes it does mean throwing a sharp elbow to stand up for yourself. I feel that’s what I did – and she hasn’t attacked me since.”


Great to see just how much Megyn Kelly is learning from her mistakes. Bodes well for the show!

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