Megyn Kelly Is Embracing the Absolute Worst Kavanaugh Theory With Open Arms

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Of all the theories about what really happened between Brett Kavnaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the “doppelgänger” theory—which posits that Ford is telling the truth when she says that she was assaulted, but that she is somehow mixing Kavanaugh up with some other assailant—has been deployed by a whole host of senators eager to find a way to justify their vote for Kavanaugh without admitting that they either don’t believe Ford’s story or that they don’t care about it. Here’s how Democrat Joe Manchin put it:

This, of course, is ridiculous on its face—you can’t say you totally believe someone, except for the most important part of their claim—but people are embracing it anyway. One of those people is Megyn Kelly.

Kelly, who launched her NBC morning program by insisting that she was “kind of done with politics,” has completely ditched that concept in recent weeks and reconnected with her true, terrible self. The Kavanaugh case has given her cover to burrow further and further back into her old Fox News comfort zone. On her Tuesday show, she presented a forthright defense of the mistaken identity theory.


“You’re not allowed to think it was a case of mistaken identity,” she said. “If you do, you’re a victim-shamer, you’re, I don’t know, a misogynist? It’s absurd! You can look at both of those testimonials and say, I don’t believe it was him.”

NBC’s Stephanie Gosk, who has a seemingly permanent spot on Kelly’s regular View-aping hell panel, pointed out quite sensibly that this is a bunch of nonsense. “The idea that she would remember all of these things and not remember the face really just defies belief,” she said.

“It could have been a case of mistaken identity,” Kelly said. “I do think that’s possible.” She went on to say that it could be a whole lot of things, including that “maybe something happened but it wasn’t quite as bad as [Ford] remembers and it was so minimal that Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t remember it. My point is that there can be a way of voting for him without saying, ‘I’m voting for a sexual assaulter!’”

Then things took an even worse turn, as Kelly mused that the Kavanaugh fight might be “the moment where the #MeToo movement jumped the shark, because it was weaponized in the political context.” OK, no more, I can’t take it. My eternal thanks to NBC News for allowing this crucial content to occupy its hallowed airwaves.

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