Megyn Kelly Is Really Willing to Die on This Defending Brett Kavanaugh Hill Huh

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Almost exactly a week ago, morning person Megyn Kelly started an extended on-air meltdown over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She proved today that she’s FAR from done self-destructing while talking about the ongoing FBI investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh, going on a rant which peaked when she nearly shouted, “You cannot prove a sexual assault!”

One of Kelly’s guests, NBC legal analyst Dan Goldman, was arguing that there’s plenty for the FBI to investigate when Kelly broke in to say: “Oh my God, Dan. Seriously?”


“She doesn’t know where it happened,” Kelly followed up. “The FBI is going to figure out the story that she is unable to tell? That’s not its job. That’s not its job!”

Goldman responded that yes, that actually is the FBI’s job, saying, “the victim is not responsible for providing the corroboration.” Kelly again fired back that it sure would be nice if Dr. Christine Blasey Ford could remember things like the exact location of the house where she says Kavanaugh assaulted her. (Kavanaugh has strenuously denied these and all other allegations against him.)

But we’re not free from this hell yet! Later on, Kelly—who’d already supplied plenty of legal babble—chose this hill to die on: “You cannot prove a sexual assault of Dr. Ford.”


She barreled onward: “You can’t. Even she can’t. She’s got her testimonial, she has no corroborating witnesses, the people she named do not support her story. Those are the facts on Dr. Ford.”

Great, incredible analysis. Knowing how her NBC morning gabfest is performing in the ratings, maybe Kelly going all-in on defending Kavanaugh is her auditioning, in earnest, to go back home to Fox News.