Megyn Kelly Reportedly Getting the Huge Payout All Disgraced Racists Dream Of

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It feels like a lifetime ago that Megyn Kelly’s career was melting down because she defended people wearing blackface, but it’s actually been less than a month. Doesn’t time fly?


Kelly—whose dreadful tenure at NBC News was cut short thanks to those blackface comments—has been keeping a relatively low profile since then, but her lawyers have been busily negotiating with NBC to bring her reported $69 million deal with the network to an end. Now, according to Page Six, the two sides have reached a deal—and that deal, the gossip column reports, boils down to “NBC paying Megyn tons of money to make her go away.”

From Page Six (emphasis mine):

Sources say NBC owner Comcast will pay Kelly around $30 million. She signed a $69 million deal when she joined the network after leaving Fox News in 2017.

A source familiar with the negotiations said nothing will happen until next week at the earliest, admitting: “It’s taking slightly longer than expected, the paperwork is going back and forth.”

Another confirmed: “Everyone wants this to be over — both Megyn and NBC — and Comcast has the money to pay off Megyn. We thought this would be a done deal a few weeks ago.”

One senior TV source added: “NBC decided rather than fight and face a lawsuit from her, they — and more importantly, Comcast with all its money — decided to draw a line under the entire debacle and pay Megyn the full amount owed in her contract to go away.

It’s nice to see Kelly is really suffering the consequences of being a huge racist on television and to see this squalid partnership end exactly as everyone thought it would.

Deputy Editor, Splinter