Melania Trump Decides to Just Act Like She's Living on Another Planet

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Melania Trump made an appearance on Sunday at a conference for an organization called Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), where 500 middle and high schoolers receive leadership training on encouraging their friends to make responsible decisions and not do drugs. Trump gave some remarks about her grammatically incorrect and thematically incoherent initiative Be Best, and about the impact of things like kindness, compassion, and positivity.

This is really interesting because her husband’s family separation policy is one of the most destructive and unkind decisions of his tenure. It’s also interesting because, just days earlier, the First Lady showed quite the opposite of kindness and compassion when she wore the infamous “I Really Don’t Care” jacket on her trip to visit a detention facility where immigrant children were being held.

As part of her short speech, Trump rattled off some platitudes about kindness and community:

Kindness, compassion, and positivity are very important traits in life. It is far easier to say nothing than it is to speak words of kindness. It is easier to judge quickly than to take time to understand. It is often easier to see a glass half-empty rather than half full. Nevertheless, you have the power to be the positive force in so many people’s lives. Show respect to each other. Treat your community like your family, and look out for one another.


This is quite the talk for someone who “really” doesn’t “care,” and who has been complicit and has actively promoted the xenophobic beliefs and policies of her husband. It is truly incredible how boldly these people wear their hypocrisy. SADD!

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