Melania Trump Ditches Opposition to Cyberbullying to Cheer on Donald's Latest Sexist Attack

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Remember when First Lady Melania Trump was going to make her pet cause a campaign against cyberbullying? She doesn’t either.


After her husband, President Donald Trump, tweeted Thursday morning to claim “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, rolled into his Mar-a-Lago club with her face “bleeding badly from a face-lift,” the first lady’s first response was basically an “attaboy.”

As CNN’s Jeremy Diamond reported, quoting Melania’s spokeswoman:

Brzezinski, who is engaged to her MSNBC co-host and guitar man Joe Scarborough, took the high road, responded by tweeting a photo of a Cheerio’s box noting what a nice treat the cereal is for tiny hands.

Scarborough, for his part, hasn’t directly addressed the matter online, but is currently retweeting vague platitudes about maintaining the dignity of the office of president.

Going to have to flip a coin to pick a dog in this fight.

UPDATE, 2:03 PM: Speaking to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, the first lady’s spokeswoman attempted to put some distance between Melania and Trump’s remarks, saying her comment about the president punching back “10 times harder” when attacked is something she’s said in the past:

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