Melania Trump Is Back? But Not Really? But Maybe?

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First Lady Melania Trump may have finally made an almost semi-public appearance after 24 days of being completely out of sight, but that doesn’t mean she’s jumping back into full view of the public eye quite yet.

The White House is set to host a big party “honoring America” on Tuesday, replacing a canceled visit from the Philadelphia Eagles. And despite appearing at an event on Monday, Melania Trump will not be attending today’s celebrations.

President Trump apparently disinvited the Super Bowl champions from visiting the White House because only a few members of the team were actually willing to be in the same room as him. So instead, the White House will be holding an event for Eagles fans that seems to only consist of playing the national anthem and other patriotic tunes. Melania will not be attending, and while I can’t really blame her for not wanting to attend a party where Eagles fans listen to America’s nationalist soundtrack, it is still concerning because we, the public, still haven’t seen her. WHERE IS SHE!!


Melania did attend a White House event honoring over 40 Gold Star families Monday night. The event was notably closed to the press, and while the FLOTUS did tweet photos of herself from the event, they’re distant and a little blurry, and it’s probably her, but who knows!

According to CNN, the FLOTUS is set to attend a FEMA briefing regarding hurricane preparedness on Wednesday, and the press will be there, so uh, I guess we’ll just have to see what happens and also if it’s really Melania Trump. If she wears oversized glasses, I’m calling shenanigans.

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