Melania Trump Is NOT a Failure!!!

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The Trump administration is set to host its first state dinner tonight for French President Emmanuel Macron. Despite the fact that we’ll all probably be reading about how Donald Trump has embarrassed an entire nation tomorrow, right now all eyes are on Melania. As First Lady, her job description hasn’t been updated since 1952, so it’s her taste, preferences, and hospitality that are on display—from the dishes that dinner is served on, to the types of flowers used, to the menu itself.

Choosing china from the Clinton White House and cherry blossoms used by the Obama White House might seem like pretty straightforward decisions that could in no way go awry, but for Melania Trump’s team, the most tantamount thing is that everyone knows that she has not failed. OKAY??


According to the New York Times, Trump’s modest staff of 14 people has been put through the wringer, poor things, all because their boss happens to be married to a would-be despot embroiled in a number of unsavory scandals. And just before the big dinner party too! Nonetheless, the team has bravely pressed on amidst queries about Stormy Daniels and Russia to put together a bangin’ state dinner, even though they’re totally sure that everyone hates them anyway, okay?? Via the NYT (emphasis mine):

Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump’s communications director, was characteristically defensive on behalf of the first lady, saying the small team had learned to weather negative feedback as part of the job. “We’re probably not going to get the credit we deserve,” she said in an interview. “But I know this team is great and she knows this team is great. We have not failed, and she has not failed.”

Nothing screams success like loudly insisting on recognition for not failing. God, it’s like nothing they do even matters to you ungrateful people!!

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