Melania Trump wound up hilariously throwing her husband under the bus in a speech about bullying

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Either Melania Trump has not been paying any attention to her husband's campaign, or she just threw Donald Trump and his supporters under the bus for the way they conduct their business online.

During a rare lone campaign appearance in Berwyn, PA., Melania Trump took a moment of her speech to talk about something that's been bothering her: online bullying.

"Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough." Melania Trump said. "We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other."


Trump also lamented that bullying was particularly tragic "when it’s done by someone with no name on the Internet."


Is it possible that Melania Trump is not aware of what her husband does on Twitter? That he uses it as a platform to attack anyone who slightly disagrees with him? That he has a nasty habit of retweeting white supremacists? That there is an army of anonymous, anti-semitic Trump followers who go after even the slightest perceived slight? Is it possible she doesn't know any of this?


No, it is not possible. It was just a few months ago, during an appearance on NBC with Donald Trump, Melania had a simple answer as to which of her husband's habits she wished he would give up?


“Let’s see,” she said. “The tweeting.”

So let's see how well Trump supporters are taking Melania's advice. Well, based on reaction of the rally …


… it doesn't seem to be sinking in.

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