Melania Trump's inauguration dress is now the most controversial piece of fabric in America

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We are T-minus-two days away from handing over the country to a literal comic book villain and his Legion of Doom, but it seems like the programming for his inauguration is still up in the air. At least four performers have backed out after initially agreeing to appear, though, don’t you worry, musical legends Lee Greenwood and 3 Doors Down will be there!


We also don't know one major thing: Who is going to dress Melania? It's become perhaps the most controversial piece of fabric in America—so controversial that the President-elect has been asked to weigh in.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the job may go to both Ralph Lauren and Karl Lagerfeld. Which is a lot. Apparently the two designers are supposed to be teaming up to take care of Trump’s daytime and nighttime wardrobes, though none of the parties involved have confirmed this.

Luckily, Donald Trump has finally taken the time to address this important issue…though he still isn't providing any clarity.

The president-elect sat down with Fox News (naturally) and was asked about Tom Ford, who kind of talked shit about Melania back in November.

“[Melania] never asked Tom Ford, doesn't like Tom Ford," he pouted. "Doesn't like his designs…I'm not a fan of Tom Ford, never have been." He also mentioned that casino mogul and member of the inaugural committee Steve Wynn was so offended by Ford’s comments that he threw all of his Tom Ford clothing out of his hotel. Whether that included designs he oversaw as creative director at Gucci and Saint Laurent, Trump did not say.


Earlier this month, Elle compiled a list of designers who had commented on whether they were for or against dressing Melania. While people like Stefano Gabbana, Thom Browne, and Diane von Furstenberg claimed the fashion industry should support the First Lady because the inauguration is an apolitical American institution and something about tolerance and diversity, several others were either outright against dressing her or were undecided, caught between their role as a designer and their political views. Interestingly enough, none of the designers who were people of color supported Melania outright, though we don't know how representative a group they are.

The plot thickens. Either way, Trump’s going to be our president, so it’s not like any of this matters anyway!