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The competition to be Fox News’ idiot of the day is extremely dense—and it only gets thicker if you narrow the field to just Fox & Friends. But I’m confident naming today’s winner early: Come on down, Mike Huckabee!!

Huckabee, who’s gone from a former governor to just an old guy ranting on Twitter and television, was on the show this morning floating his theory that perhaps Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, unbeknownst even to her, is a trained assassin brainwashed by commies. That’s right:


This is great for many reasons, among them: Huckabee’s ignorance of what “Manchurian Candidate” actually means and also his use of the blanket term “there have been some allegations.” You can say that about almost anything!! There have been some allegations that Jerry Falwell lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse, one could say! There have been some allegations that one of Huckabee’s large adult sons killed a dog for sport back when he was just a large son! See, fun game!

With each turn of the Earth on its axis our culture gets stupider and stupider.

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