Image via Amos Ben Gershom/Israel Government Press Office

To all the monsters out there who have the nerve to try to take a picture of one of our most high-ranking public officials: What is wrong with you?

On Wednesday, a bunch of hardcore sociopaths, aka “journalists,” thought they could get away with their attempt to cover the arrival of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s brilliant, honorable son-in-law, in Israel. Kushner—who has very correctly been given the task of solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—was there to meet that other prince of peace, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Israel gallantly celebrated the occasion by starting work on a new settlement in the West Bank.)


Kushner’s arrival was presumably as smooth and trouble-free as it could be. I say “presumably” because, according to the Associated Press, journalists were not allowed to actually cover any of it. From the AP (emphasis mine):

Kushner did not speak to reporters ahead of his talks Wednesday, and Israeli security agents blocked AP cameramen from filming the arrival of his convoy. In one case, a cameraman was ordered to leave a sidewalk outside the government compound that houses Netanyahu’s office, and in [another] case, a cameraman was ordered to delete his memory card of all images of the prime minister’s office.


To which I say, great! How dare these heathens think they can openly document such an occasion? Jared Kushner is not some two-bit celebrity who’s open to public scrutiny. He’s a key White House player whose movements should be shrouded in the secrecy they deserve.

Eventually, Netanyahu’s office put out some pictures of Kushner and the prime minister meeting. What more do we need? This lively, candid shot, for instance, captures far more than any independent source could ever give us.

Amos Ben Gershom/Israel Government Press Office

With any luck, this worthy bit of journalistic suppression can be replicated further back home. Ban all images, audio, video, you name it, of all White House officials—especially Jared Kushner. Honestly, I hope we never see or hear from him again.

Deputy Editor, Splinter

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