Skirts come in different shapes and sizes for most bodies, but what happens when you put a fairly cisgender, hetero man in one? Photographer Angelamaria Pardo explores that last fashion frontier in her latest project, “Hombres en Falda.”

“It’s all about legs and men,” says Pardo of her traveling photo exhibition. “But I want to know is what happens to men, what will happen if they use a skirt, if they get fragile or they go strong.”


Pardo started shooting the project in her native Colombia and has also taken pictures of men in Brazil, Mexico and the United States. She said the one thing she has noticed throughout all the countries is men say they feel free when they put on a skirt. “There is like a power in the skirt and they just break out,” says Pardo. The photos surely demonstrate that:

At her latest exhibition in Miami, Fusion met up with some of the men who modeled for her. One, John Lozada, said he discovered it feels good with everything flying free.

Not all of the men at the gallery agreed. “It’s not my style,” said onlooker Carlos Vidal.

After speaking with some of the guests, Pardo let Fusion take over the project for a bit and, score, we were successful! Check out our video above, and some of our photos below.


Credit: Genesis Viera, Roderick Avila, Carlos Navarrete


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