Mexican drug dealers are getting higher than ever — or at least their product is.

Tijuana cops on Tuesday discovered a fallen drone loaded with crystal meth laying in a shopping mall parking lot near the San Ysidro border crossing.


Police reported the drone was saddled with 3 kilos of crystal meth wrapped in plastic packages that were strapped to the drone with masking tape. It's unclear where the drone was heading, or who was flying it.

The drone and the packages via Secretaria de Seguridad Publica Tijuana

The drone was identified as a silver “Spreading Wings S900” model that sells for around $1,500 online. The brand is marketed as a “highly portable, powerful aerial system for the demanding filmmaker” equipped with “new and improved motors [that] make for a much more reliable flight.”


Reliable, that is, if you're shipping under three kilos of meth. It gets a little wobbly after that.


Drug cartels have reportedly been using Israeli and homemade drones for years, according to an article published last year in Mexican newspaper El Universal. The report said that since 2012 the DEA has been registering an average of 150 narco drones attempting to cross the border.

Tijuana police say the drones are just the latest innovative effort to smuggle drugs into the U.S. Other aerial techniques for shipping drugs to the U.S. include the so-called “potato thrower,” a device used to catapult marijuana packages from Tijuana to San Diego.