Mexican cops seize a Mad Max-like drug catapult van near border

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Mexico’s federal police have seized a vehicle that looks like it came out of the Mad Max movie.

The modified van was apparently used for “launching packages” through the roof and over the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a press release by Mexico’s National Security Commission.


The narco-catapult was reportedly found over the weekend parked in the northern state of Sonora in a small municipality known as Agua Prieta. Authorities said the tricked-out van had no plates and the doors had been left open.

Upon inspecting the vehicle cops found an air compressor, a gas engine, a storage tank and an approximately 3-meter metal tube described as a “homemade bazooka” that was apparently used to “launch projectiles” over the border fence into the United States.


The van was reported stolen in Hermosillo, Sonora on July 1, and was apparently modified afterwards.

This isn't the first time Mexican authorities have confiscated innovative drug-smuggling devices.

In 2011, the Mexican army seized two catapults allegedly used to launch marijuana bundles across the Arizona border. The catapults were also discovered in the municipality of Agua Prieta.


Narcos have used drones to smuggle their product.

Once again, the drug-throwing van is further proof that Donald Trump’s border wall is no match for drug-trafficker ingenuity. Build a higher wall, they'll build a stronger catapult.