Mexican daily Metro is a sensationalist tabloid mostly known for featuring explicit images of voluptuous models and gruesome crime scenes on its front page. No one usually cares because the daily doesn’t try to sell itself as serious publication. However, Wednesday’s cover sparked outrage among some Mexicans on social media for attempting to tackle a tragedy with its signature “vulgar” approach.

“LA COSA ESTA… DE LA BELGA,” read the front page headline about the terrorist attacks in Belgium. The headline is a play of words on “está de la verga,” a Mexican phrase that roughly translates to “this is fucked up” (note that verga is also slang for cock).


Although the headline didn't necessarily mock the attacks, its humor didn't resonate with some Mexicans who took to social media to mostly slam the daily for its lack of sensitivity.

“There’s nothing more offensive and vulgar than this so-called newspaper.”

No hay cosa mas vulgar e insultante que este disque #periodico #metro #reforma @Reforma #mexico 😒🔫 pic.twitter.com/uRaNiezdrO

— Francisco Galvez (@fgalvezv) March 23, 2016

“There’s limits.”


“Tasteless cover by sensationalist daily Metro.”

Others defended the daily’s attempt at being funny and clever.

"Excellent cover, not everyone understands dark humor."


This isn’t the first time Metro gets into trouble for publishing offensive headlines. A couple of months ago, a Change.org petition urged Metro’s owner Reforma —a major Mexican newspaper— to offer a public apology for insulting people with HIV. The daily sparked outrage for covering Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen’s HIV revelation with the headline “Tiene veneno en el pizarrín” which roughly translates to, “He has poison in his penis.”