Nuevo León Governor Jaime “El Bronco” Rodríguez is best known for his blunt, no B.S. ranchero style that helped him connect with voters and get elected to office in June 2015. But his big mouth may have just ruined the mystery and wonderment of Christmas for hundreds of kids.

It happened when Bronco grabbed the mic at a Christmas event attended by the families of police officers and told the kids that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist.

“Hug your dad when you get a chance. Tell him you love him very much. Because your dad is Santa Claus,” the governor told the kids.

The crowd went silent. “Did you know that?,” Bronco continued amid some nervous laughter and a few shouts of “No!”

The governor then realized what he had done and tried to backpedal by saying parents are like Santa because they bring happiness to so many people.


But the damage was done. Now Mexican social media is slamming Bronco as the new Mexican Grinch that stole Christmas.

Bronco is also getting criticism from the Nuevo León human rights commission, which has asked him to avoid using “sexist, stereotype and non-inclusive” language from prior incidents this year in which he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. The commission recommended that the governor take sensitivity courses on gender and human rights.


“Bronco destroys Christmas revealing the identity of Santa Claus to kids.”


“Good morning everyone, except for fucking Bronco who ruined Christmas for me and all the kids by saying that parents are Santa Claus.”

“Kids, you were an accident, your parents were thinking about having an abortion. By the way, Santa doesn’t exist don’t be fucking stupid. — El Bronco”


“Bronco goes into a church and tells old ladies God doesn't exist.”


“15 film posters ruined by El Bronco.”

“Bronco first disappointed the adults that voted for him. Now the kids as well.”