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Miguel Angel Osorio Chong Facebook

A Mexican woman got her kidnapped daughter back on Wednesday. All she had to do was beg on her knees before a top Mexican government official.


The incident happened on Tuesday when the woman approached Mexico’s Minister of the Interior during a public event and begged him to do something to save her daughter, a 29-year-old teacher who was kidnapped last week in central state of Hidalgo.

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“Help me! I beg you!,” the crying mother pleaded before Mexico’s No. 2 government official. She held a portrait of her daughter as cameras flashed. “Help me find my daughter!”


The desperate woman then turned to journalists and waved the portrait of her daughter for the cameras and other bystanders to see. The heart-wrenching scene struck a deep nerve with the country as the video and images circulated on TV and social media.

Ask and you shall receive. A day later the Mexican Attorney General’s Office announced that the girl, identified as Nayeli Elizabeth García Vargas, had been rescued during a police raid.

The cops apprehended two suspects and rescued Garcia inside a house in the State of Mexico, which has gained notoriety in recent years for its alarming rate of femicides.

The government’s swift response has left some Mexicans wondering about the fate of other kidnap victims who were never found, and whether suffering family members need to perform similar public acts to prompt the government to find their loved ones.


Almost 100,000 kidnaping victims were reported in Mexico in 2014 alone, according to the last report by Mexico’s National Institute of Geography and Statistics. But analysts estimate many of the crimes go unreported out of fear for the victim’s life, or because family members simply don’t trust the authorities and instead try to negotiate a ransom.

The rescue of García comes as a bit of good publicity for Interior Minister Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, a potential ruling party contender for Mexico’s 2018 presidential race, after a long string of bad headlines about forced disappearances and human rights scandals.

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