Mexican political parties use Game of Thrones memes and crass hashtags as attack ads

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

As Mexico's midterm elections draw near, politicians have started throwing punches in all directions. But this time, campaigns are embracing social media by rethinking attack ads as Internet memes, Twitter hashtags and viral videos.

Here are some making the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube:

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

This meme created by supporters of  the conservative PAN party reads: "High level politicians from the ruling party (PRI) have millions of dollars worth of real estate abroad." They also created the hashtag #SonPRIngaderas a play of words on chingadera , which literally translates to "that's fucked up."

The PRI ruling party struck back by creating the hashtags #SonPANdejadas, a play of words on pendejo, or stupid fuck, and #PaMocheslosdelPAN which means more or less "the worst thieves are at PAN."

The PAN also launched a TV ad that has been taken off the airwaves but still circulates on YouTube. In the video, a reporter asks Mexicans on the street what they think about the ruling party's alleged excesses and corruption scandals:

The ruling party answered back by posting its very own copycat video accusing PAN politicians of not practicing what they preach:

A Mexican social media war is now in full swing. These memes and videos add a whole new layer of absurdity to a midterm race already plagued by the bizarre candidacies of Mexican clowns (literally — a clown is trying to run for office), soccer players, telenovela actors and reality show stars.


And in this silly game of thrones between the PAN and the PRI,  Mexicans are bound to lose regardless of the election result.

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