Mexican politician throws chocolate coins at Congress to make his point

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A left-wing congressman has invented a new way to protest corruption in Mexico: Throwing chocolate coins at people.

Mexican lawmaker Mario Ariel Juarez Rodriguez, of the leftist MORENA party, delivered a fiery speech to Congress this week bashing President Enrique Peña Nieto and accusing some of his colleagues of voting to “privatize” the pension system. Then, about three minutes into his speech, the congressman started throwing gold foil chocolate coins at the other lawmakers.

“Here is the payment, so you can give it to the workers… and not betray them,” the congressman said as he made it rain chocolate.


The stunt was immediately met with shouts, insults, boos and whistles from other lawmakers. But it wasn't enough to stop Juarez Rodriguez. He only raised his voice above the shouts and kept throwing coins.

Mexican media picked up on his stunt, but his message seemed lost in his method as reporters focused more on the candy that was given away.

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