Mexican politicians keep close eye on Miley Cyrus’ bum

Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has achieved what few people in Mexico have been able to do in years: get lawmakers from Mexico’s three major political parties to agree on an issue. Unfortunately for the American pop singer, and her bouncing buttocks, the point on which they agree is that Cyrus should be punished for twerking their flag a day after Mexico’s Independence holiday.

The scandal prompted swift action from the State Congress of Nuevo León, especially PAN legislator Francisco Treviño Cabello, who urged the Mexican Secretary of the Interior — normally charged with overseeing national security issues and the war on drugs —to throw the book at Cyrus “for her disrespect towards the national flag.”


Treviño Cabello was attacked on Twitter by the singer’s fans after rallying lawmakers from all of Mexico’s parties — the PAN, PRD, PRI, PT and Panal—in an unlikely coalition to punish the singer. In a series of fervent speeches, the lawmaker reminded the Mexican people that Cyrus had “wiped her butt with the flag.”

“We want to set a precedent,” Treviño Cabello told Fusion. “We won’t allow foreign artists to come here and wipe or get their bottoms spanked with our flag.”

The lawmaker claims Cyrus apparently got the message because she avoided any backside contact with the flag during her second show in Monterrey last night. Treviño Cabello says the government will be closely watching Cyrus — and her bum— as she continues her concert tour through Mexico. The congressman says he wants to set an example to “help educate new generations regarding good citizenship and respect for our national symbols.”

According to Mexican law, any individual who disrespects a national symbol can be punished with a fine equivalent to 250 times the minimum wage, face detention for 36 hours. If the infraction is committed for commercial purposes, the fine can be equivalent up to a 1,000 times the minimum wage — or $5,000, based on Mexico’s $5 minimum wage.


Cyrus, whose net worth is an estimated $150 million, probably won’t need a payment plan to cover the fine (unless Mexican lawmakers raise the country’s minimum wage to $150/hour). Still,
Mexican lawmakers have not appeared this eager to tackle an issue since the Top Gear scandal in 2011, when the popular automobile show’s hosts referred to Mexicans as “lazy, feckless, flatulent, overweight.”

We can only hope Mexican politicians channel some of that same national pride and sense of urgency into resolving other crises facing the nation, such as the deepening socioeconomic divisions, institutional corruption, and rampant criminal organizations.

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