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Time is money in Mexico, and Mexican politicians love to show their money with time.

A Mexican official who came under a barrage of criticism on social media after he hopped on a government helicopter for personal use is catching flack again — this time for his expensive taste in watches.


And he's not the only Mexican public servant sporting a timepiece that most would find tough to justify on a government paycheck.

Last week, the director of Mexico’s water commission, David Korenfeld, triggered a social media firestorm when he and his family were spotted boarding a government helicopter to travel to the Mexico City airport. Korenfeld apologized and said he took the helicopter because he was suffering from knee and hip pain. But then Mexican media reported that the Korenfelds were actually on their way to Vail, one of the most exclusive ski resorts in the United States. Some Mexicans mocked that the slopes are also tough on guys suffering from knee and hip pains.

Korenfeld recuperating from his knee pain.

Less than a week later, Korenfeld is back on the Twitter hot seat after a photo that was taken last year resurfaced of the same hip-favoring politico wearing a luxury Swiss watch valued at approximately $78,000. According to La Jornada newspaper, the watch was a "Rose Gold" Richard Mille RM030 model.


"Isn’t David Korenfeld the guy who wears a 1 million peso watch? Come on! How do you expect him to travel by car!" tweeted @delcorsi.

Korenfeld said the watch was a family gift. But it has got Mexicans on social media suddenly noticing a trend of Mexican politicians wearing expensive watches — and they aren't shy about it.


In January, Ernesto Javier Nemer, Mexico’s undersecretary for social development, was photographed wearing a Swiss-made Hublot watch valued at around $220,000 during a meeting with Mexican immigrant community leaders in New York.


“If you are going to fight poverty and hunger, you better do it with class.” Ernesto Javier Nemer, SEDESOL [Mexico’s Ministry of Social Development] and their insensibility.

The Mexican newspaper Reforma recently reported the leader of Mexico’s ruling party, Cesar Camacho, has a collection of luxury watches.

Based on information by Reforma.

Mexico’s conservative opposition party (PAN) has launched a series of memes on social media attacking Camacho's bling.


The economy is falling apart and Camacho is boasting more than 2 million peso watches.


The opposition launched an attack ad about watches, but Mexico's National Electoral Institute (INE) ordered the ad removed from the airwaves because it "slandered" Camacho.

Luxury watches are popular across Mexico's political spectrum. Reforma also reported that former leftist Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) member and Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrad was recently seen wearing a $14,000 Rolex — the cheap kind.

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