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It was supposed to be a day that would help restore credibility and decorum to his embattled presidency, but it all went wrong for Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Following a press conference today to announce several anti-corruption initiatives, el presidente — apparently unaware that his mic was still on — complained that no one was applauding for him.

"I knew they wouldn't clap," he muttered. And that became the news.

The phrase spread like wildfire on Mexican social media under the hashtag #YaSeQueNoAplauden (#IKnowTheyDon'tClap) accompanied by all sorts of jokes and memes mocking the Mexican president.

"Graphic description of EPN's #IKnowTheyDon'tClap."


"EPN's face when he finished his speech."

"Why won't they applaud me?" via Chilango Magazine.


"Breaking: EPN proposes National Commission for Applauses"

"If the Federal Government generated one peso for every time EPN's cabinet generates a hashtag, there would be no need for budget cuts."