Mexican Senators take $7 paycut—here are 7 products they might have to do without

In an effort to relate to the economic struggles of their fellow countrymen, Mexican lawmakers are subjecting themselves to a bit of belt-tightening of their own.

In a slightly less-than-heroic gesture, Mexico's Senate last week decided to slash lawmakers salaries by $7 a month, plus suspend their wine and snack service.


Here’s a list of $7 items that lawmakers might have to do without in these trying times of government austerity:

1) A much-needed rat trap

The Senate's vermin problem could get a lot worse.

2) A 4-pack of Red Bull


Sitting through long-winded, platitudinous speeches by lawmakers is about to get a lot harder.

3) A 10-pack of adult diapers


They'll just have to hold it.

4) A pair of cheapo eyeglasses


This was the cheapest and easiest way for senators to look studious and affect a seriousness of purpose. Then again, there's no prescription strong enough to adjust for the type of myopia found in the Mexican Senate.

5) A pocket-size Mexican Constitution


Scratch that. They weren't going to read this thing anyway.

6) Pleasure Gel


Priced at $7 a tube, pleasure lube might be tough to squeeze into the budget.

7) A used copy of this handy self-help book 


Culturally biased.

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