Mexican Tourists Don't Want to Come to The U.S. Now for Some Reason

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Holy Week (or Semana Santa) is usually one of the biggest travel holidays of the year for Mexicans, quite a few of whom regularly head to the U.S.


But this year saw a sizable drop in the number of tourists from south of the border. It turns out Mexicans are not too keen on visiting Trump’s America.

According to the Los Angeles Times, which cites an estimate from the global research firm Tourism Economics, visits from Mexico to the U.S. are expected to go down 7% this year compared to last year. That’s 1.8 million “lost visits,” totaling $1.1 billion in “direct economic losses.”

“Cesar Romero, the president of GMA, a group of travel associations, said he’s been told by his colleagues that there’s been a 15% to 20% decrease in interest in travel to the U.S. since Trump took office in January,” the paper reported.

Now, why could Mexicans suddenly not be that into coming to the United States?

Could it be because Trump’s well-known animus toward immigrants—particularly from Mexico—has had consequences?

The Trump administration’s actions appear to be freezing out people who, in different circumstances, would want to shop in American malls, drink at American bars, and sleep in American hotels.


Unfortunately for Americans, their absence will come with a pretty hefty price tag. And with projected tourism losses from Mexico expected to increase in 2018, that money ain’t coming back any time soon.

Staff writer, The Root.