When someone stole Zaira Salazar's Nissan pick-up truck earlier this week in Sonora, Mexico, she turned to social media for help. The only problem was that she didn't have a picture of her '91-model truck.

So she drew one.

"It's gray with a black roof," Salazar explained, pressing her pencil a little harder to make the roof appear a shade darker. "If you see it, please call me."

Mexico's ever-helpful social media responded with a flurry of memes depicting alleged sightings of the missing truck.

The truck was taken by ISIS?


Spotted here in a drag race.
It got a paint job
Chapo Guzman was using it as a getaway car


Found abandoned in a field, but someone stole the tires.
It got towed
Chevy fans got in on the action, suggesting she give up on the Nissan and pick up and new Chevrolet pick up


A local Chevy dealership made an ad promising to give Salazar a new truck if the video reaches 1 million likes on Facebook.

This guy turned it into a matchbox car

But the hundreds of memes, which earned the stolen pick-up the distinction of being "the most famous vehicle in Mexico," were too much for Salazar to deal with, and she reportedly closed her Facebook account. In the end, however, they might have helped. Mexican media reported yesterday that the stolen pick-up truck was recovered and returned to its owners.


They even caught the guy who stole it.