Mexicans are already planning street parties anticipating a Hillary Clinton win


MEXICO CITY— Mexicans have a lot riding on tomorrow's U.S. presidential election. After all, the Republican candidate has vowed to re-negotiate NAFTA, build a wall along the border, and launch deportation raids against millions of undocumented immigrants. Many Mexicans are rooting for Hillary Clinton like their lives depend on it.

Trump’s political rise has even affected the Mexican peso, which seems to depreciate against the dollar every time the Republican gains in the polls. Mexicans are nervous, but they're already planning how to celebrate a Clinton win.


In recent days several events have started popping up on Mexican social media calling for street celebrations after Trump loses tomorrow night.

“If Donald Trump loses the election, we celebrate at the Angel,” reads a Facebook event that appropriated a photoshopped image created by Fusion showing Trump in a Mexican sombrero. The event, which is calling on people to gather at Mexico City's iconic Angel of Independence, already has more than 3,000 confirmed attendances.

Everyone to the Angel when Trump loses,” reads another event being shared on social media.


Mexico’s Democrats Abroad have also created an event called “Hillary Clinton Victory Celebration” at Pinche Gringo BBQ, a Mexico City restaurant that’s hosted watch parties for the three presidential debates. Several other election watch parties are being hosted by different groups, including The American Society, throughout Mexico City.

Some events seem to be spoofs. But sometimes jokes have a way of becoming reality, like Trump's candidacy itself, or when Mexicans mockingly celebrated Leonardo Dicaprio’s Oscar win last February.


If Trump wins, Mexicans will start building bunkers. But if Hillary pulls it off, it could be the biggest spontaneous street party since Mexico’s soccer team beat the U.S. to qualify for the Confederations Cup.

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