Mexicans are trolling Donald Trump with a hilarious chemical reaction

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

A Mexican craft beer company has come up with a brilliantly original way to troll Donald Trump supporters.


Pranksters from the Cucapá beer company recently visited Los Angeles to find Trump supporters on the street and sell them t-shirts with the phrase “I Support Donald.” Unbeknownst to the Trumpistas, the t-shirts have a secret: an invisible thermochromic dye that reacts to heat to reveal a hidden message.

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

After getting exposed to the sun for a little while, a red clown nose appears on Trump's face, and two red lines cross out the words “I support” to replace the pledge of support with the Spanish-language message that reads “Donald el que lo lea” (Whoever reads this is Donald). It's a play on the Mexican phrase “puto el que lo lea” (Whoever reads this is an asshole)—a familiar bit of graffiti written on high school desks and bathroom stalls throughout the country.

The Baja California-based company turned its political stunt into a beer ad:

Cucapá says it plans to use the proceeds from the t-shirt sales to throw a party, which is already being advertised on Facebook.

“We traveled in September to California to shoot the video after Trump visited Mexico,” Cucapá brand manager Rodrigo Casarín told Fusion. He says trolling Trump supporters was irresistible for a company that has built its brand on being boldly Mexican and border-focused.

Some of the beers sold by Cucapá have names like Green Card and La Migra.

“We have a very distinctive border humor,” Casarín said.

The company spokesman says the people in the video are not actors, and the t-shirts really were sold to actual Trump supporters $5 each. Casarín wouldn’t say how many shirts the company sold, or how much money they raised from the stunt, but says the only problem they ran into was the cop who kicked them off the street for selling merchandise without a permit.


“We wanted to go beyond issuing a political posture or criticism against Trump,” Casarín said. “We thought: if he wants us to pay for a wall then we are going to have him pay for the beers.”

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