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Officially, Pokémon Go is not available in Mexico. But that hasn't stopped some clever Mexicans from downloading the hit game and becoming a part of the global craze.

It's also become an instant source of ridicule. In typical Mexican fashion, gamers are mocking the nerdiness of people running around the streets of Mexico City trying to catch virtual monsters while real danger lurks, and re-imagining what pokemons would look like in Mexico:

Hello, have you guys seen a Pikachu around here by chance?
"Expectation vs. Reality"
"Expectation vs. Reality ‚ÄĒ Get out the Pikachu you fucking idiot."
"Pokemon trainer kit vs. Pokemon Go trainer kit."


"Hi, good day. I'd like to process my visa ‚ÄĒ And why do you wish to leave the country? ‚ÄĒ So I can catch 'em all!"
A bunch of Rattatats at the Mexican Congress.
How protesters and cops would fight via Pokemon Go.


"Businessman wastes 38 pokeballs when mistaking Mexican Central Bank Director Agustin Carstens for a Snorlax" ‚ÄĒheadline of satirical news site SDPitorreo Noticias.
"Pokemon Go graphics are very realistic inside the subway."
Oh and someone made this one about ISIS.