Mexicans are using dog crap to 'vote' for the country’s shittiest political party

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Someone in Mexico City has came up with the greatest shitty idea ever—a way to protest political parties while encouraging people to pick up after their dogs.


In recent days, Mexico City residents have been sharing images on social media of what appears to be cardboard pet poop trash cans decorated with political party logos. Dog owners are invited to deposit their pet’s feces in the box corresponding to the party they think is the “shittiest.”


Mexicans have immediately embraced the political satire and the social media hashtag #ElMásMierda, or “The Shittiest.” People seem to be taking the protest poop vote seriously, covering the party receptacles with dog feces and all other types of garbage.

“An excellent social experiment that once again proves what millions of Mexicans think.”

The “social experiment” also seems to show the only vote the country’s shitty politicians deserve is the one coming out of a dog’s butt.

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