Trisome Games 2016

A Mexican delegation of athletes received a heroes' welcome in Mexico City on Saturday after returning home with 42 medals from the first Olympic-style competition for people with Down Syndrome.

The Mexican team had a successful performance in the "2016 Trisome Games," earning 20 gold medals, 12 silvers and 10 bronze. A large crowd of family members, friends, fans and mariachis greeted them at the airport terminal singing Cielito Lindo, a famous Mexican ballad that has become the country’s unofficial anthem for victories and celebrations.


“Sing and don’t cry,” the song goes.

Mexican athletes have found great success in the Paralympic Games and similar types of international sporting competitions. Some athletes, such as Maria Barbara Wetzel, an 11-year-old girl from the southern state of Veracruz who’s the artistic gymnastics champion in the junior Down Syndrome category, have become inspiring celebrities.

Wetzel was recently featured in a Special Olympics promo:


Mexico continues to be inspired by the athletes' stories of overcoming adversity to shine on the international stage.

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