Mexico’s Education Minister gets schooled in Spanish by a kid

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

MEXICO CITY— Education Minister Aurelio Nuño has a tough job. He has to push forward President Enrique Peña Nieto’s controversial education reform package and negotiate with radical teacher’s syndicates.


But he faced a new challenge this week: An adorable elementary school student who seems to have a better grasp on Spanish than he does.

The incident occurred during this week’s 36th International Book Fair for Children and Young Adults in Mexico City, when Minister Nuño took the stage with a group of four kids and urged the crowd to read more.

“¿Van a ler? ¿Sí o no?” (Are you going to read ? Yes or no?).

"¡Sí!" the audience responded.

Nuño then got schooled on his sloppy pronunciation when he turned to shake hands with the schoolkids and his mic picked up a young girl’s reprimand. “No se dice ler, se dice leer”, Andrea said, correcting the minister's pronunciation.

Twitter and the Mexican media are predictably having a field day with the incident.

Aurelio Nuño makes an announcment this morning and Andrea responds.


"To ler or to leer, the dilemma of the State."


"The donkey makes mistakes and also teaches. Aurelio Nuño makes a girl tell him it's leer not ler, like he said three times."


"It's leer, not ler… learn something Nuño…"