World leaders are meeting in Manila this week for the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit to discuss commercial ties, security, investment and the economic future of the region. But outside the official galas and meetings, a much more crucial debate is being waged on Filipino social media: Who’s the hottest leader of the APEC pac?

There are two early favorites: ‘Mexican Papi’ Enrique Peña Nieto and ‘Canadian Bae’ Justin Trudeau.

Through the trending hashtag #APEChottie, Filipinos are elevating Mexico's embattled president—a guy who always looks good in a suit, and whose hair remains impeccable through scandals— to the ranks of political stud.

Local Filipino media has even gone as far as to ask people if they support Team Peña Nieto or Team Trudeau, in a Twilight-esque battle of the hotties.


Peña Nieto’s family has also set Filipino hearts aflutter.


The Mexican President, who is slumping in the polls back home, seems to have found his fanbase in Asia, far from his political reach.


“Wave your other bandera on me papito,” tweeted one user. Others, meanwhile, are asking to see the Mexican president's “burrito.”