Michael Lewis calls Silicon Valley 'a bunch of autistic people walking around'

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Michael Lewis's latest novel, Flash Boys, marked yet another appearance for the author at the top of the bestseller lists, and might just be made into a movie. If it is, it'll be the fourth of his books to receive the honor, after The Blind SideMoneyball, and The Big Short, coming out later this year. Lewis is clearly one of  the most successful non-fiction authors working today, and so interest is understandably high in what project he might choose to illuminate next.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, the anchor dropped the question: would you ever write a book about Silicon Valley? Lewis began by saying the book he wrote about the tech industry, The New New Thing, was difficult to write because of "the lack of emotional content." He went on:

"It's a cold place. It's basically a bunch of autistic people wandering around."

Lewis, a resident of Berkeley, also said he wouldn’t live in Palo Alto, telling the anchors that “if I all knew of California was Palo Alto, I wouldn’t have stayed."


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.