Michelle Obama perfectly drags Donald Trump like only she could

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First Lady Michelle Obama slammed the Republican presidential nominee on Thursday for his pessimistic view of the country and divisive rhetoric, proving once again that she's the best secret weapon at Hillary Clinton's disposal in this campaign.


"We have a candidate whose vision for our country is completely and utterly lacking in hope. A candidate who tells us that our country is desperate and weak, that our communities are in chaos, that our fellow citizens are a threat, a candidate who calls on us to turn against each other, to build walls, to be afraid," Obama told a fired up crowd in Phoenix.


She went on to say perhaps Donald Trump, a man born into vast wealth, "just doesn't understand us."

"Maybe that’s why he calls communities like the one where I was raised ‘hell,’” Obama said. "Because he can’t see all of the decent, hardworking people like my parents, who took those extra shifts, paid their bills on time, folks who are raising amazing families, sending kids to college."

Then she really brought it home.

"Maybe he doesn’t believe that people like us really exist," Obama said. "It is becoming increasingly clear that to him, most of America is ‘them.’ But here’s the thing: Look at us.”


Needless to say, people loved it.


Yes, even this guy:

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