Michigan Father of 2 Deported to Mexico After Living in U.S. for 30 Years

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After living in the United States for three decades, Jorge Garcia was forced to say an emotional goodbye to his family on Monday before he was deported to Mexico.

Garcia—who has lived in the U.S. since he was 10 and whose two children and wife are American citizens—faced a removal order in 2009 but had received extensions from the Obama administration. But under President Trump, he was ordered in November to return to Mexico, receiving one final extension from Immigration and Customs Enforcement to spend a last Christmas with his family, the Detroit Free Press reported.


His supporters say he has no criminal record—not even a speeding ticket—and pays taxes every year from working as a landscaper.

“Yes, he was brought here at 10 years old and yes, he entered the country illegally, but he has no criminal record and his case needs to be looked at individually because he deserves to be here in a country that he’s known — not Mexico,” Cindy Garcia, his wife, told CNN.

Although a federal judge ruled last week that the government must resume accepting renewals for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients—while stopping short of allowing for new applications—Garcia was too old for the program under the current rules. He told the Detroit newspaper that he asked ICE to stay until the details of a DACA fix could pan out, in hopes that he might qualify, but the immigration agency refused. (Trump called a deal on DACA “probably dead” this weekend on Twitter.)

I have reached out to ICE for comment. This story will be updated if I hear back.


  • We’re now potentially just three days away from a government shutdown, which the president has repeatedly framed as an effort by the Democrats to steal money from our military, for some reason, rather than an effort to save DACA.
  • The U.S. is planning to start building two new sea-based nukes.


  • Will the president’s FAKE NEWS AWARDS, already postponed once, take place as planned tomorrow? Stay tuned!

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