Michigan State Legislature: Let the Deer Fuck

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Deer be fucking and thanks to Michigan lawmakers, that won’t end any time soon.

The Michigan House approved legislation Thursday morning to put the kibosh on any future state-issued deer sterilization permits until 2022. House Bill 5321 set forth that instead of expanding the sterilization programs adopted by some Michigan cities, the government will encourage deer to continue to naturally reproduce so they can kill them later. The GOP-dominated chamber pushed the bill through by a 67-42 vote, according to the Detroit Free Press.


The idea behind the legislation comes from the hunting community, which views hunting deer with guns and bows as the preferable way to control deer overpopulation, an issue cities like Ann Arbor face. Last year, the city sterilized 54 deer and hired sharpshooters to kill 100 more, per the Free Press. The city will be allowed to complete its three-year sterilization program but no other city will be able to start one if the bill is signed into law.

Obviously, sterilized or not, the deer would still be fucking. That’s what deer do. They run real fast, they sip from streams, and they fuck. All the bill does is give those who love shooting things exclusive rights to fix the overpopulation problem.

So, if you are a deer in Michigan, go forth and multiply—thanks to the gun nuts of your fine state, your days appear to be numbered.