Mika Brzezinski Scolds Dems Targeted in Mailbomb Spree Not to 'Intimidate Republicans'

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On Thursday, viewers of MSNBC’s Morning Joe were treated/subjected to co-host Mika Brzezinski waxing philosophical about the recent wave of mail bombs that have been sent to prominent Democrats who have, coincidentally, been singled out by President Donald Trump over the past several months.

While Mika began by blaming Trump’s rhetoric for creating an environment ripe for these sorts of targeted assassination attempts, she nevertheless couldn’t resist “both sides”-ing a seemingly coordinated attempt to maim or kill prominent Democrats over the past three days. Instead, she proceeded to scold a number of the recent pipe bomb recipients for actions that preceded their own attempted murders.

The soliloquy begins around the 14:00 mark below.


“Democrats,” Brzezinski began, in a particularly patronizing tone. “Don’t try and intimidate Republicans when they’re at public places like restaurants, don’t do it—A tactic explicitly encouraged by Maxine Waters. Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t say it, Maxine.”

Waters, as it happens, was the intended recipient of not one but two suspected explosive devises in the past 24 hours.


Brzezinski continued:

Don’t say we can’t be civil in dealing with Republicans like Hillary Clinton said. Don’t say we should kick Republicans, as another former government official said.


Wouldn’t you know it—both Hillary Clinton, and former Attorney General Eric Holder (he of the obviously metaphorical “When they go low, we kick them” remark) were also intended recipients of mail bombs on Wednesday.

Brzezinski concluded:

These bombs sow chaos. Trump thrives on chaos. Democrats can win by doing the right thing. We may have to lose badly for a while before we win in the right way. But we can’t win in the wrong way.


By “win in the right way,” I think Brzezinski means “nodding politely while someone literally mails you bombs and then pretending like everything is going to go back to normal if you just listen to pedantic TV hosts.”