When he's not busy serving in his unofficial capacity as President Donald Trump's one-man cheerleading squad, Mike Huckabee likes to fancy himself a hilarious Twitter jokester. Por ejemplo:


Really on the cutting edge of comedy there, Mike.

Among those who are not fans of Huckabee's "aw shucks" yuk-em-up brand of reactionary conservatism is actual comedian Cameron Esposito.

This weekend, Esposito took the former Arkansas Governor to task over a profoundly offensive "joke" comparing NY Senator Chuck Schumer—who recently teared up at a press conference slamming President Trump's Muslim ban—to Brandon Teena, the transgender man whose horrific rape and murder was depicted in the 1999 Academy Award winning film Boys Don't Cry.


In response to Huckabee's deeply gross quip, Esposito, who identifies as a lesbian, reacted first with a joke of her own…


…before getting down to business, encouraging her followers to donate to Trans Lifeline—a crisis call center that helps connect members of the transgender community to resources and emergency aid.


Almost immediately after sharing her own donation, Esposito's mentions were filled with fans eager to show that they were following suit.

@cameronesposito done, in honour of @GovMikeHuckabee's tiny little brain. pic.twitter.com/YOlN8jukN6

— Ria (@rianaomicm) February 5, 2017


In the 24 hours after Huckabee's initial tweet on Saturday night, Esposito's grassroots movement had raised over $15,000 for Trans Lifelife. By Monday morning, the donations were well within reach of Esposito's goal of just over $20,000.

So there you have it, Mike. $20,000 to help trans people in need, all because you thought you could be funny on Twitter.