Mike Pence accepts VP nomination but doesn't want anyone to get too worked up about it

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CLEVELAND—Indiana Gov. Mike Pence accepted the Republican vice presidential nomination on Wednesday night with a speech designed to communicate one thing: He is boring.

He drinks milk with dinner. He watches "NCIS." He's seen Michael Bublé in concert twice probably.

Pence called his blandness an asset on a ticket with a man who has accused the father of his professional rival of conspiring to murder a president and once said he wouldn't rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against Europe. You know, just to keep things spicy.


Mike Pence shared a few other things tonight:

He has a mother and he loves her.

He has a wife and he loves her.

He has children and he loves them.

He cares about police officers.

He likes Donald Trump even though he can get "rough" with politicians. (And breast-feeding employees and the wives of his professional rivals.)

Welcome to the next the next three and a half months, America.

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