Mike Pence Is Having a Full-Blown Meltdown Over Being Called Out for His Homophobia

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Mike Pence just won’t let it go. After it emerged on Wednesday that openly gay Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon had turned down a meeting with Pence to discuss his public opposition to Pence’s homophobia, the vice president of the United States fired off a couple of awkward and desperate tweets just after midnight on Thursday.


Like, dude. He’s just not that into talking to you. It’s pretty strange that Pence is seriously losing it over being called out for his own dehumanizing views on LGBTQ community. Judging from his life’s work, he ought to be thrilled to not have to talk to a gay person. Instead, he’s resorting to passive-aggressive negging and self-pitying.

The story’s not over though, because Rippon’s mother, Kelly, is now dunking on Pence too. This morning, she appeared on CNN to discuss the debacle. She couldn’t confirm that Pence reached out to her son, but she was adamant that Adam hadn’t completely shut down the idea of talking with the vice president, saying he just wanted to focus on the Olympics at the moment. But then she criticized Pence’s use of the term “fake news”:

I just think that that — that when people keep saying that word “fake news” over and over again, it implies that you can do things and you can never be held accountable for them because you just say that it’s fake. That repetition of that term, I don’t think, is good.

And when Chris Cuomo brought up Pence’s history of using “religious freedom” to deny LGBTQ people protections, Rippon said:

…Protection for equal rights for people isn’t to give any group or marginalized community an advantage. It’s to try and level the playing field. And I think that, you know, as a mom or as a citizen or just as a human being, we don’t want to see anyone be treated, guilted or shamed into feeling that they’re less than who they actually are.


Damn. I personally am very much looking forward the next chapter of this saga featuring the very flustered and Rippon-obsessed Pence. Hopefully we get a very special guest appearance from the one and only Mother.