Mike Pence, Who Would Have Hated the Orlando Victims in Life, Tries to Use Them in Death

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On Monday, Vice President Mike Pence marked the one year anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub massacre by once again commemorating the deaths of 49 people who he almost certainly would have considered subhuman were they still alive today.


Quoting President Donald Trump’s painfully uninspired tweet that we “NEVER FORGET” the victims of attack (while never mentioning that most of the victims were, in fact, members of the LGBTQ community), Pence urged his Twitter followers to “pray [that] their loved ones find comfort & peace.”


And speaking of prayers, Pence—a vocally evangelical Christian—has a personal and political history checkered with ardently anti-LGBTQ views, including having called same-sex marriage a harbinger of “societal collapse,” opposing a string of pro-LGBTQ rights bills, promoting gay conversion therapy, and signing into law Indiana’s infamous “religious freedom” bill, whose initial version essentially legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

Mike Pence: demonizing LGBTQ people while they’re alive, and “praying” for their families after they’re gone.

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