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Protestors clashed with riot police and a police car was set on fire in central London last night during an annual protest against the government and capitalism.

Every year since 2012 on the evening of Guy Fawkes Day, groups of anti-capitalist protestors take to the streets of London in Guy Fawkes masks in what's become known as the Million Mask March. The demonstration, which is usually peaceful, is supported by hacker group Anonymous.


During last night's rallies around 50 protestors were arrested, mostly for public disorder, London's Met Police said on their website. Three policemen were hospitalized with injuries, and some protestors were treated for minor injuries at the scene, according to the BBC.

Guardian correspondent Damien Gayle tweeted at one point that protesters were throwing fireworks at police:


A breakaway group of protestors set a police car on fire during the protest, local news outlets reported. "The police car was parked and then the group surrounded it," one witness, Stuart Baillie, told the Telegraph. "They started smashing it up and throwing burning paper at it. As the fire built one shouted 'we need the fire brigade, someone called the fire brigade'."

Some protestors said the incident with the police car shouldn't tarnish what was generally a non-violent protest.


"Why are people more angered about a police car being set on fire," one user asked on Twitter, "than what our government is doing to it's people?"