Tim Pool/Fusion

Thousand of New Yorkers gathered Saturday afternoon at Washington Square Park to express their anger, and demand justice for victims of police violence.

"We want people to shut down their cities for justice. We are continuing where the freedom fighters of the Civil Rights Movement left off," read a statement released by the organizers on their website.


"We are a new generation of young multi-r‚Äčacial activists willing to take up the torch and we‚Äôre not going to stand for this anymore,‚ÄĚ the statement went on to say.¬†Organizers said this march is for Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Akair Gurley and "for all those killed by racist killer cops."

"New York is Ferguson. Ferguson is New York," organizers said.

The 4.1 mile march will end in front of the NYC Police Department headquarters.

Fusion’s Tim pool is reporting live from New York City.


Protestors in New York City chanting I can't breathe.

Back at the front of the line.


Protestors have taken over the Brooklyn bound lane of the Brooklyn Bridge.


Police have begun to clear up barricades blocking the bridge.


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