Millions of bees are on the loose after bee truck overturns in Oklahoma

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"BEES ARE LOOSE ALONG THE INTERSTATE" reads the warning from the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.


Don't leave your house. Stay home forever.

Local TV Station News9 reports a truck carrying honey bees rolled over on Interstate 35 south of Oklahoma City, releasing the insects. There was no official count on how many bees were released, but authorities were putting the number in the "millions" range.


Who is shipping millions of bees across Oklahoma? There are no reports on where this truck was going, but live bees are frequently schlepped across the country to help fertilize crops.

Upon securing their freedom, the bees immediately proceeded to strike back against authority by swarming around several law enforcement vehicles.

News9 reports local beekeepers are working to recapture as many bees as possible, and that the Pauls Valley Fire Department is going to conduct a controlled burn to cleanse the area with fire.


Poor Oklahoma drivers. In terms of highway cargo spills, this one kind of sucks. Why couldn't it have been a truck full of cheese, or beer or even adorable baby chickens? But no, they had to be driving down the interstate just in time for the bee express to go wobbly.

Still, it could be worse; the truck could've been filled with poop. Bees are still better than poop.

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