Misandrist anthem alert: Watch women beat the crap out of dudes in this fun new music video

Missi Pyle, an actress you may have seen in movies like Gone Girl, Anchorman, Dodgeball, or Josie and The Pussycats or TV shows like Two and a Half Men, Pushing Daisies and Inside Amy Schumer, is also a singer, and she just dropped a deeply misandrist country video titled "I Wanna Fuck You Up." This song goes out to every woman who's been wronged by a man and dreams of revenge.


(Look closely and you may spot some other famous folks in the clip: My Name Is Earl actress Jaime Pressly and singer-songwriter Tyler Hilton.)

"I wanna fuck you up," Missi sings. "I want to hit you with my truck. I want to throw all your shit out the window and let some homeless dude pick it up." She goes on to growl, "I hope somebody someday accidentally blows your dick off at a shooting range." The woman is not holding back.

The visuals in the clip involve Missi and her friends beating up some jerks—smashing bottles over their heads, kicking them in the jaw, hitting them with a baseball bat—and also indulging in some relaxing games, like bowling, using dildos as pins. Mad at a man today? Or every day? This is your new jam.