Photo: Jeff Roberson (AP Images)

Republican Eric Greitens resigned as Missouriā€™s governor on Tuesday, bringing to an end a months-long scandal involving his alleged sexual abuse and blackmail of a woman with whom heā€™d been having an affair.

Greitens, once seen as a rising star in the national Republican Party, had steadfastly defied previous calls to step down following allegations that heā€™d taken sexual photographs of the woman and threatened to leak them if she went public about their affair. Missouriā€™s Republican-controlled legislature had been preparing possible impeachment proceedings.

ā€œI have not broken any laws or committed any offense worthy of this treatment,ā€ Greitens insisted during a press conference announcing his retirement. ā€œI love Missouri and I love our people. That love remains.ā€

Refusing to take questions during his brief statement, Greitensā€”a former Navy SEALā€”called upon his military reputation, describing himself as ā€œa fighter for the people of Missouri.ā€


ā€œThe time has come to tend to those for those who have been wounded,ā€ he added.

Greitensā€™ resignation comes as he is also being investigated for possible criminal misuse of a donor list.

He will officially step down from office at 5 p.m. this Friday, and will be replaced by Missouriā€™s Lieutenant Gov., Mike Parson.