MIT dean contemplates delivering admissions decisions to the space station by drone

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) has for years notified students online about its admissions decisions. But a new video from the university wonders whether that might change in the future.


The university released a video that features drones dropping admissions decisions on doorsteps around the world.

The two-minute spot, entitled "Keep your eyes to the skies this Pi Day," notifies students that decisions will be sent out this Saturday, March 14, 2015 at 9:26 a.m., the first digits of Pi - 3.1415926.


No students will actually receive an admissions decision via drone this year, the dean of admissions, Stu Schmill, wrote in an email to Fusion.

"We know that waiting for decisions can be a bit stressful for students, so we like to be a bit creative and lighten the mood," he said. "Alas, for the foreseeable future we are not likely to deploy drones to deliver the decisions, and the way it works now will probably last a while. Of course, we'll have to rethink things if we ever do have to deliver a letter to the International Space Station."

Emily DeRuy is a Washington, D.C.-based associate editor, covering education, reproductive rights, and inequality. A San Francisco native, she enjoys Giants baseball and misses Philz terribly.

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