Mitch McConnell Is a Bad Husband

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The endless game of chasing down Republicans to ask them to condemn the racist president’s latest racist comments continues, with mixed results. (It doesn’t matter a lot what they say, but what they do, of course, and what they do is always support and enable their president.)

But perhaps the most important person to ask is Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader, who possesses an inhuman ability to cast off morality or propriety or even ideology of any kind, all in his relentless pursuit of power.

What did Mitch, whose (awful) wife was born in Taiwan, have to say when asked about Trump’s tweets? Not a whole lot, according to Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur:


Poor husbanding there, Mitch.

It’s not that surprising, though: If I had to guess the Republican most likely to join Ted Cruz in the ranks of Republican men for whom defending Trump ranks above their wives, it would be Mitch McConnell. Or maybe Rand Paul, who just has that vibe.

In his prepared statement, McConnell criticized heated political rhetoric, listing only examples of Democrats deploying what he considers unacceptable rhetoric. There was no specific reference to Trump’s racist attacks on the four freshman congresswomen.


Hey Mitch, how’s this for heated political rhetoric: Bite me, ya jerk!!!

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