MLK Day episode of Jeopardy! ends with 3 contestants blanking on civil rights clue

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On Monday's episode of Jeopardy!, the final clue dealt with the Civil Rights Movement. The episode also just happened to air on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.


This sequence of events did not end well for anyone involved. Let's go to the tape!

Now, to be fair, that is a really tough Final Jeopardy clue, and Alex Trebek admits as much. It's referencing the desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas (where this famous photo was taken), and also Bill Clinton (not the president at the time), and also the city itself. There are so many layers to this question that "Atlanta" isn't that bad of a guess, really.

Incidentally, this episode also marked the first time in nearly three years that all three contestants whiffed on Final Jeopardy while betting everything, according to the Daily News.

Appearing on Jeopardy! is a nerve-wracking experience, by most accounts, especially now that one wrong answer can turn a contestant into a meme. Missing a clue dealing with civil rights while betting everything while also appearing on the MLK edition of the show—well, that's a rough situation for all parties.

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